When clients say, “challenge.” We holla, “bring it on!” And do we ever?

We’re talking eye-catching turntable invites that place the recipients’ name in metallic “lights” + “spot on,” on-the-spot awards that beckon “Lights. Camera. Action.” from every angle.

Uhm, yeah. That’s just how this print house turned marketing communications partner chooses to step up its client game when presented with any project. Oh, and do tell us it’s due within days. We work best under pressure. It’s just how we roll, literally, on sheets + sheets of acrylic, PVC, coroplast – any substrate imaginable – thanks in large part to our large format presses.

Case in point. This custom invitation for Dr. Pepper plays off the love for vinyl on PVC-turned 33 rpm record. Each recipient’s name is printed in silver metallic vinyl via variable data printing a la “their own album.” The record label reads the event details like a best-played song sheet. And don’t forget the custom jacket + shrink wrap. These are sure to win “Album of the Year.” Fiction? Of course, but #truth if you ask us + Dr. Pepper.


Now from song to movies. Our friends at Prudential asked us for an award to honor The American Black Film Festival’s 20-year anniversary of celebrating African Americans in film. Do you think we would provide an off-the-shelf piece? Nope. Only custom here. We created a one-of-a-kind acrylic movie clapboard set atop an acrylic film reel complete with vinyl film strip. And the award for Best Supporting Partner goes to? Yours truly.

The End.