If you aren’t + you don’t, you will. At least that’s our hope, as we launch our newsletter PCI/OI Insights (fireworks, please!). It’s your source for PCI + OI news, delivered in a flash, quarterly to our employees + you, our beloved clients. Our newsletter places you on the inside track + lets you power up on hot happenings, client news (yes, that’s you!) + testimonials (do share!), colleague anniversaries + milestones and much more – basically, all the things that make us the #pcioipowerhouse that we are. 

Let’s face it. Executing an effective communications strategy is vital in today’s connected world + newsletters feel personal, because they arrive in your inbox + over time develop into an on-going relationship. Quite candidly, we’re hoping after you read this first issue due out this week, you’re hooked on us like white on rice. And, that out of those 35 or so emails waiting for you in the a.m. that you’re actually going to open + read ours as one of the five you commit to.

If by now, you’re not ready to change your Facebook status to “In a relationship with PCI/OI,” we hope our newsletter will convince you. Oh by the way, if you need us to help build a community around your brand via a corporate newsletter, sign us up. We will write + design yours. It’s simple + once you do, it can run on autopilot.

So check your inbox, you just might have mail.