Many companies don’t think twice about allocating budgets to ad campaigns, so why do so many of them take pause when part of that budget is assigned to environmental branding? Truth is, employees are the most important ambassadors + reinforcing the brand experience on the “four walls” of the business helps inform, inspire + align them through a choreographed solution that combines message, image + voice. There we said it…the trifecta of branding.

When employees are inspired to tell your brand story, they’ll be motivated to live it. Just ask us. We know firsthand. The tables got turned when we set out on our environmental branding journey for our executive offices. We honed in our Mission, Vision + Values; our map that depicts just how big we are {we did mention that we are a powerhouse, didn’t we?} and our new hashtag – oh my! We updated the look + feel of our offices where it matters most – where employees work, eat + break. And, they love it.

Every brand has a story + we help you tell yours. Count on us to create high-impact, branded environments throughout your corporate office or retail outlets. Our efforts are centered on the premise that employees listen + learn with their eyes, which leads to higher employee satisfaction + retention + increased productivity, which translates into less time at the water cooler + more eyes on the prize – your brand, of course. So how do we recruit + retain the best talent, you ask? Well, maybe you should take a look – and listen – to our walls.