He likes us. He really, really likes us.

By “he,” we mean our CEO + Founder Roland Garcia who this pre-Valentine’s Friday gifted us ladies a bite-sized Belgian chocolate that spoke volumes more than conversational hearts ever could. A long-standing tradition of his since he first opened his doors back in 1982 continues on…and lest we not forget these notions of love + recognition were hand delivered, which as a busy business owner screams
A P P R E C I A T I O N.  

Amidst all the Valentine’s commotion is the fact that it is a day to spoil all the people you care about – and employees should be no exception. They are at the heart of businesses – pun intended – and deserve to be recognized. Enter Cupid’s arrow with whatever that special something is that will make the hearts of your employees pitter patter.

How did OI do it? Being the exceptional branding people we are, we served up Valentine’s Day extra sweet this year with a branded chocolate {reader’s note: pay special attention to OI’s icons on the candy hearts} + a clever carrier to boot. And, instead of signing off XOXO, we simply bid our team OIOI!

And if you ask how sweet it is…the answer is it’s really, really sweet!