Be honest. When was the last time you looked at your business card, brochure + letterhead? No, really looked? We’re not talking brand colors here. We’re talking environment. You know, Mother Earth? For companies that are committed to corporate sustainability, starting the New Year off with an eco-audit can be just the thing needed to stay on-track + on budget. Enter OI’s eco-audit, a brief assessment that can provide enough data to support well-informed decisions year round.

Insights gathered help monitor everything from the selection of eco-friendly papers + inks to sustainable mailing practices, which can in turn place attention on the areas that can lead to the biggest improvements. Many companies are now looking beyond recycled paper choices + reviewing other eco-friendly channels, such as using certified sustainable paper.

Another benefit of the eco-audit is that it may reveal opportunities to reduce inefficiency in paper stock + weights. Having paper standards in place prior to your piece hitting the presses can aid in comparing printing bids + budgets accurately; allow for combination runs where possible; and pave the way for a consistent brand identity. There’s also the added benefit of using the audit as an opportunity to re-tool the sizes of your mailing pieces, which may result in better postage rates + further cost reductions. Who doesn’t love that?

So go green in 2016. Mother Earth will thank you for it. And, your boss just may too (wink, wink)