They say great minds think alike.

Two is better than one.

It takes two to tango.

The same is true for data security, especially as Hurricane Season inches closer. Uhm, hello, June 1.

Data collocation + disaster preparedness planning provide our clients with the peace of mind that their data will be safe, secure + accessible in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency situation. We work with many of the leading local, national + global industry leaders who demand uninterrupted access to their critical data. So offering these safeguards is just the cost of conducting business in today’s “on demand” marketplace + one of the many unique value-added services we offer clients.

Enter #PCIOIpowerhouse. In addition to data collocation, we safeguard our clients’ printed collateral, inventoried materials + the like by taking the following measures:

We power up both the OI + PCI facilities with multiple generators, capable of providing uninterrupted power.

We keep it moving by having OI + PCI managers who live within three miles of the facilities ready for rapid response + assessment of operational functionality – they are also trained to serve as emergency courier drivers to fulfill regular courier operations + routes.

And should the need arise, OI can leverage PCI’s Ft. Lauderdale + Orlando facilities to cross pollinate + duplicate storage of electronic + other key back-up data, courier route information, production schedules, etc.  - each location is equipped to provide complete back-up capabilities to the other in the event disaster strikes.

Above + beyond this, PCI, OI’s parent company, maintains a strategic partnership with an out-of-state company whose business capabilities mirror those of PCI + OI who can offer complete back-up capabilities.

And that’s how we put the <<POW>> in powerhouse (insert fist pump here)! Our efforts enhance our business support by improving backup quality, restoring speed + increasing productivity in the hours + days immediately following a disaster.

So here’s to a safe + mild 2016 Hurricane Season.