Can you hear the strumming of the teclas now? For all of us non-Hispanic marketers that translates literally to the keys on the keyboard. Idiomatically speaking, our client Prudential “da en la tecla,” which means that they hit it over the head with their activation at Hispanicize 2016, an annual event where Latino entrepreneurs, digital influencers, bloggers + trendsetters converge at the largest Think Tank ever in Miami.

In the spirit of setting trends, Prudential showed up + showed out with an exhibit space that invited attendees to take A Walk in the Park – Miami style – by taking a daunting topic like retirement + bringing it down to earth…literally. The exhibit set the stage for green + glam to collide with an artificial grass floor + modern, white leather furniture.  And while a Walk in the Park was the foundation of the exhibit, it was changed out daily to keep it fresh + buzz-worthy. And, oh buzzworthy it was with bloggers from across the country streaming live from every corner of the PruPark.

Day 1 played off of the newly launched Race for Retirement commercial, urging consumers to take the 1% More Pledge for themselves, using the #PruPact message. And what’s Race Day without race numbers + bracelets? We had it all.

Day 2 invited attendees to Powder up + Pucker up with Pru via a mini glam session + photo shoot. A photographer + glam team were on hand to create a photo-worthy experience.

Day 3 had attendees strutting to the sounds of the stilettos, as the PruPark was transformed into a fireside chat with Harlem Fashion Row’s Brandice Daniel, Latina magazine Creative + Fashion Editor Ebby Antigua + Fashion Designer Amanda Casarez, followed by a Fashion Week-inspired catwalk.

Those Prudential folks don’t play. In addition to all of that, they hosted two luncheons, an award dinner + a cocktail party – all decked with PRU-branded chocolates, notepads, selfie sticks, LED ice cubes + more. The result? Prudential was the number one trending company at the conference with more than
59 million impressions on social media. And that’s not a social footprint too big to fill, because people are still snapping, blogging + posting about Prudential.

From concept creation to design + production through installation + execution, Original Impressions was there to craft a brand building experience to ensure a flawless best face forward. Here’s looking at you, Prudential.