Franchise System


How does a leading national restaurant chain ensure all its locations receive and use consistent
marketing and merchandising materials, all while keeping the company’s commitment to sustainability?
Simple: by making Original Impressions (OI) part of its extended marketing team.


Working in close collaboration with the company and its supply chain distribution center, OI designed
a customized Web site that allows franchise owners and restaurant managers to order dozens of
different materials, including generic and customizable take-out menus that can reflect local taste
preferences and prices. All materials are designed by OI and printed on certified sustainable paper,
which supports the company’s environmental goals. OI also acts as the company’s fulfillment house
by storing and shipping all materials directly to the requesting restaurants.


More than 12,200 franchise owners and restaurant managers have logged on and ordered materials.
We have fulfilled and processed more than 19,000 orders and counting. The company has been
extremely satisfied with the results that they have increased the site’s inventory from a handful of
products when first launched, to a full roster of products ranging from catering menus and menu
inserts to banners and magnets.