A fortune 500 company came to Original Impressions (OI) looking for a way to better organize and
execute its multicultural brand activation + marketing efforts. The OI Marketing team came to the
rescue with a powerhouse of ideas and solutions to make these brand activations a success.


OI Marketing was given 50 events over the course of 12 months. The team was able to organize,
brainstorm, plan and execute each of the events through a common brand strategy. The OI team
allocated each event into a spreadsheet and listed the demographic, attendee total and purpose
of the event. In this way, a common brand strategy would be created. From designing skins +
retractable banners to implementing branded selfie sticks, Retire In Style Kits and social media
paddles, OI Marketing handled each activation and ensured attendee appreciation.


Thanks to the consistency of the brand activations, the Company received a copious amount of “hits”
on social media, tradeshow/event success and brand name recognition. Moving forward, the client
has received a larger budget thanks to the success received this past year. OI Marketing has simplified
the hectic brand activations by organization, planning and new, fresh ideas.