When Mercantil Bank came to Original Impressions (OI) looking for
a way to simplify their marketing inventory needs. The OI team came to the rescue with a powerhouse
of convenience through a combination of a customized Web-based interface; offset and digital printers;
and supply management capabilities.


By designing a customized Web site and distribution system, the OI team helped create a way for the
bank to get business cards, stationery and other business essentials to each of their branch locations
in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Branch managers can simply log-in to the site – managed by
OI but designed to look like an extension of the bank’s Web site – and can order a variety of products
at the click of a button. OI designs, prints, stores and distributes the materials to the individual branch
locations with the ease and click of a mouse.


Through the bank’s ‘virtual store’ created, the company has gained increased supply chain visibility by
setting and controlling ordering limits for key personnel, positions/titles, quantities, etc.; pre-determining
shipping choices; and gaining access to ‘real-time’ inventory reports…all through the click of a
mouse. OI’s design has simplified the ordering process, saving the bank time and money and reduced
mismanagement of material usage. Hundreds of products have been ordered from the Web site and
bank employees refer to the quick turnaround of requests as one of the site’s best features.