Quick Service Restaurants


When a global quick service restaurant company needed a way to get restaurant marketing materials
into the hands of its franchisee, they turned to Original Impressions (OI). The challenge was simple:
design and manage an easy-to-use solution that allows restaurant owners, managers and field teams
to obtain corporate-approved, standardized (yet customizable) materials.


The OI team has developed many “off the shelf,” turnkey local store marketing programs that are
customizable to each restaurant and that have helped many franchisees balance national promotions
with local store marketing initiatives that are uniquely right for their market. Additionally, OI created
an exclusive, password-protected Web site that allows franchisees and field team members to access
everything from customizable coupons and stationery, to restaurant essentials like rubberized nonskid
floor mats and cooking timers. The site was designed by OI to reflect the company’s branding of
its other sites. To expedite distribution of the materials, OI prints, houses and fulfills the request for
materials, acting as an extension of the corporation’s marketing team.


The OI team of dedicated experts has provided hundreds of marketing, merchandising and direct
mail materials through a centralized point of distribution to corporate teams and franchisees in the
United States and Canada. To date more than 5,800 franchisees have used the site to place orders
materials for their restaurants. Restaurant owners and managers cite the ease of use, fast turnaround
of their requests and a wide variety