Need a corporate gifting idea everyone will love? Take a page from our playbook — and do it with a branded style your clients will love + remember you by every single day.

Desk calendars, wrapping paper, journals + photo props have topped our list year after year (oh how we love ink on paper, the hallmark of our business). Once again, this year’s theme – Let Your Light Shine Bright – sets iconic graphics reminiscent of each month in a fun, whimsical fashion. On trend + on brand is the way we do it + who doesn’t love lights at the holidays? (and without giving too much away, do remember to check out our holiday card for an illuminating message (can you hear the sounds of sleigh bells ringing and Yule tide carols caroling?)

And while we do all of this here because we can, corporate gift giving is important. So whether you follow our custom-made route, or choose the more traditional, experiential or simple statement gift, you can do no wrong. ‘Tis the season for spreading holiday cheer + we hope that our gift does just that.  They say it is better to give than to receive + we truly couldn’t agree more.